UK travel publications ranked by readership

As explained in this post, if you want to become a travel writer it's important to keep up with the industry.

Below I've listed a few of the top travel magazines and publications, ranked by readership [note: some not all – this is by no means an exhaustive list]. These are a good place to start if you want to delve into understanding travel publishing.

Note: stats are taken from the publication's advertising pages or from web comparison sites like and are correct as of June 2016.


The top travel magazines (with online stats where relevant)

  1. Escapism: circulation 101,700 | 57,000 to

  2. Condé Nast Traveller: circulation 78,000 | 3.5 million monthly page views to

  3. SUITCASE magazine: circulation 68,000 | 116,000 visits to

  4. National Geographic Traveller: circulation 58,000 | 87,000 visits to

  5. Lonely Planet Traveller: circulation 46,000 | online stats listed below for

  6. Wanderlust: circulation 34,000 | 300,000 visits to

  7. Sunday Times Travel: circulation 28,000

  8. Food and Travel: circulation 27,000 | 33,000 visits to

The Nationals

National newspaper travel sections ranked by paper popularity [source].

  1. Daily Mail travel: reached 18.5 million people pcm in 2015

  2. The Sun travel: reached 13.6 million people pcm in 2015

  3. Telegraph Travel: reached 12 million people pcm in 2015

  4. The Mirror travel: reached 11.5 million people pcm in 2015

  5. Guardian travel: reached 11.5 million people pcm in 2015

  6. The Times travel: reached 6.6 million people pcm in 2015

Online travel publications

A few of the top online travel publications based in the UK, and websites for US travel publications [stats from].

  1. CNN Travel: 432 million visits

  2. 14 million visits

  3. Travel & Leisure: 4.6 million visits

  4. 1.8 million visits

  5. 860,000 visits

  6. 700,000 visits

I have no doubt missed some publications in this list. If you think I've made a mistake (I am, after all, only human) or I should add anyone in, please do get in touch at

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